FC7000.A148 is a high-density tap which adopts 1U rack-mounted structure, 583mm*444mm*44.4mm (depth*width*height), supports 10G/25G/100G input and output.

  • Overview

  • Feature

Targeting backbone net data collection and mobile internet high-density link data collection,  iNext launched the FC7000.A148 high-density tap. FC7000.A148 adopts 1U rack-mounted structure, 583mm*444mm*44.4mm (depth*width*height),  supports 10G/25G/100G input and output. The whole machine owns 2600G input and output (the throughput can be up to 3.2T through access to expansion card). It can be widely used in such scenarios as data collection, splitting, filtering, and copy processing.

FC7000.A148 provides such core capabilities as ultra-high interface density, high-speed processing performance, and low latency, able to undertake high-density link data acquisition access tasks, and provide customers with accurate traffic splitting and filtering functions as well, in order to provide users expandable cost-effective business value-added solutions.

•   High density of interface:   

a. Provide 48*10GE interfaces, all compatible with 25GE interface;       

b. Provide 14*100GE interfaces, all compatible with 25GE/40GE/50GE interfaces, each 100GE interface can be split into four 10GE interfaces.

•  Wire speed processing:

 Along the provision of high-density interface, the equipment can process service flow at full line-rate, to provide protection for the convergence and processing of large flow data.

•  Copy: 

As a traffic access device, FC7000.A148 can either make 1: N copy of the original traffic on the input interface, or 1: N copy of the processed traffic on the output interface side, to provide a flexible and convenient means of access for the traffic to be simultaneously used by multiple downstream devices. The same interface can be placed in a copy interface group, or simultaneously in a load balanced HASH interface group, to meet the complex field application scenarios.

•   Traffic classification:

The device classifies the traffic according to the flexible combination of such aspects as IP nine-tuple, the message characteristics, the string content and the input interface of the incoming traffic, and carries out the in-depth processing on specific types of messages and policy output according to the result of traffic classification.

•  Intelligent load balancing:

 FC7000.A148 has the capability of intelligent detection and back-end server link status. If the interface chain of the load balancing interface group is broken, the device outputs the traffic load of the interface to other interfaces of the interface group to avoid huge loss of data.

•   Single fiber: 

FC7000.A148 can achieve single-fiber connection in the link of interface, and then the same optical interface can achieve rx, tx separation; a single optical interface rx, tx can get access to different devices, greatly improving the available port density.

•   Data integrity: 

FC7000.A148 has a flexible load balancing output algorithm, develops a load balancing algorithm according to user needs, support different interface groups to configure different HASH ways simultaneously to ensure the integrity of the session and user integrity.